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A Codex was recently discovered in the buried Aztec temple of Teocalli. You are part of a team of archaeologists, experts in pre-Columbian civilizations, who are about to explore the temple thanks to the new information contained in this Codex. Armed with your research, try to unravel the mysteries of this sacred place. Will you be able to discover why the city disappeared so suddenly?

Developed for the company Lab Venture Games, Teocalli is a collaborative game to develop communication, time management/stress/emotions, as well as change management. It allows you to practice active listening, create group cohesion and effective information exchange.

Made with Unity software, Teocalli also relies on a Node.js server coupled with the Colyseus framework for the real-time communication part. Finally a Back-Office, made with the PHP framework Laravel, allows to create training sessions for customers.




Unity, Colyseus, Laravel