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SHAKA GROUP is a company specialized in in-store/out-store deployment, in France and Europe.

In order to help their activity, SHAKA GROUP needs a digital platform to help them in the management of their fitters and clients, while offering an overview of every intervention 24H/24 7D/7.

To answer this need, we chose to develop a web application with the Laravel framework, and a mobile application with React Native to accompany fitters during their intervention.

The goal of the platform, SHAKA NETWORK, is to allow SHAKA GROUP to manage missions from their creation to the validation by the client, while giving complete access to the relevant information to fitters and clients. The fitters are chosen by the project manager, using a map showing their proximity to the mission, and their availability. Once accepted, the mission will automatically start on its first day.

To allow smooth progress, every step of the mission sends out notifications to concerned parties (emails, web and/or mobile depending on the user preferences)

Once the mission is complete, the fitter must submit pictures of their work, which must be accepted by both SHAKA GROUP and the client.

A billing module is available for the users, to allow regroupement of multiple interventions in one bill, directly in the application.

A lot of modular functionalities

The application includes a lot of modules regarding different functionalities in the same software:

  • Calendar both external (intervention planning) and internal (HR management).
  • Reusable Intervention search, for every part of the application.
  • Document & Attestation validation.
  • Account changes tracking and validation.
  • Notification preferences customization.
  • Billing.
  • Web and Mobile chat to handle realtime communication on interventions.
  • Statistics.


Navigators (Desktop and mobile), Android et iOS


Laravel, React Native