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Immersive Fire Training Simulator

The project is initiated by the company Formation Conseil Sécurité, based on its expertise and know-how. Its aim is to offer training in mixed reality (virtual reality accompanied by a range of physical simulation equipment). The theme is fire and fire extinguishers.

Da Viking Code was responsible for developing the 3D VR application, while the FabLab at L’Usinerie was responsible for the hardware (assembly, 3D printing) and electronics. FCS, the project sponsor, was responsible for the ideation and design.

The training experience is therefore a digital twin of a fire hydrant, offering a dozen different scenarios in a variety of locations and environments. Equipped with a virtual reality headset, gloves with real-time trackers and part of a fire hydrant, you have to extinguish different fires, facing very specific situations (proximity of the fire, types of materials ignited, type of lance flow). Mixed reality involves you at different levels, with, for example, the heat emanating from an instantaneous heater when you’re in front of a fire, which is extinguished when the lance sprays water (which acts as a barrier to the heat of the fire), or the pressure force feedback that takes place via a winch attached to the lance, when the latter’s valve is opened. All these elements enhance the realism of the experience.

The entire system is transportable thanks to its ingenious design, and is now used by FCS for training purposes.


HTC Vive


Unreal Engine, Arduino