Over than the service we offer, we also develop and sell our own tools. Creating commercial products require precision regarding the source code and the documentation and that is precisely what we apply to our service.

Unity 2D Filters

You're trying to create fancy effects for your Sprite 2D but don't know where to start? You heard about shaders but that's some dark magic to you? Why is it so hard to make a blur effect or have simple color effects at runtime? This asset is made for you!

You can combine several effects at runtime. They are all parametrable! The shaders have been tested on iOS, Android, Unity Web Player, WebGL and standalone versions! No Unity Pro required.

You can animate filters transition thanks to Tween libraries (DOTween, iTween...) and also via Unity's animation panel!

Google+ ANE

Google+ AIR Native Extension for iOS and Android.

If you want to share posts on Google+ this is the extension you need! You can also retrieve all available user informations.

The source code of this ANE is accessible to everyone. We learnt so much from the open source community and devoted people, that’s our way to give something back. People who bought the ANE will find instructions, examples, ANE, SWC, and the build files. So you can recompile the ANE if needed!