Paris 1889

Paris 1889 is a co-op serious game. It's set during the opening of the 1889 Exposition Universelle of Paris, when the Eiffel Tower is revealed to the world. Adolphe Alphand, the creator of the Exposition Universelle, disappeared… you have to find him!

Four teams of two players, one being on a PC and the other using a newspaper filled with clues, need to collaborate to solve the various enigmas. Each team starts in a different scene and needs to find its own first clue. Once all team have found their clues and their first enigma is solved, they all end up in the same room (scene) and each team's action, done in parallel will allow for the final enigma to be solved.

This 3D game created by Lab Venture Games, was developed with Unity. A PHP server has been setup to handle the multiplayer actions (between teams) asynchronously.




Unity, PHP