Open Source & Lectures

Da Viking Code began thanks to a game engine that has become open source : Citrus Engine. We made a great contribution to this game engine after that. We believe that open source allows sharing knowledge and collaborating with each other, whatever the origins or the social background. Here you can find a list of projects with the code licensed with MIT Licence.

We gladly respond to requests from universities to teach or to make occasional interventions. It is always very interesting to share with students. Here you can find the list of our interventions:


Modern AS3 Game Engine.


PDollar algorithm Unity friendly.


A QR Code, bar code, image recognizer ANE for iOS & Android using ZXing library.

Unity Runtime SpriteSheets Generator

Generate SpriteSheets at runtime!

Gobelins Unity

Teaching C# and Unity at Gobelins’ school. Introduction to Unity 2D & 3D.

IIM Unreal Engine

Teaching Unreal Engine at Institut de l’Internet et du Multimédia. Introduction to the engine and blueprint coding.


Teaching OOP to students thanks to simple game examples: Pong, Snake, Space Invaders.