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OM Sport Dijon

OMS Dijon is an association whose goal is to provide help to other sports associations and clubs from Dijon, by accompanying them (promotion, subvention request, event planning).

The OM Sport Dijon wanted to update its visual identity, by remaking their website and creating a new mobile application. When this mission was given to us, we added a back-office to administer the content.

Also, the goal was to refocus on sharing news and events information. With this in mind, we made the choice to use OpenStreetMap and Leaflet on web and mobile to give the users a way to quickly identify the closest activities.

The Back Office is done with the PHP framework Laravel. This will regroup the content management of both the website and the mobile application via an unique API. Already existing content, stored in Excel files also needed to be included in this new management system.

For the website, we chose Svelte, a lighter alternative to React, Vue or Angular. This library allowed us to create a fast, efficient responsive website, with very fast loading times. The site has a “shared” part with the mobile app: a list of news and events, and a map to display them and the clubs. One part containing more information about the OMS and another part containing information for the clubs are unique to the website.

For the mobile app, we chose to use Flutter. This allowed us to make an Android app and an iOS app with one codebase, and with very good performance, even on low-end smartphones. Instead of just copying the website (which was already responsive), the mobile app needed to focus of the essential points of communication with the public. These are a news and events list, with a calendar to see which activities are upcoming and a map to find the nearest clubs or activities. Also, users can subscribe to different topics, like clubs or activities, and they will be notified when a news or activity is published. Some website pages were included as a webview redirecting to the responsive website.


iOS, Android, and web navigators


Laravel, Svelte, Flutter