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GE Training Media

Development on behalf of the company General Electric and its Power Conversion branch of a training software for the ship’s technical team.

The training is composed of two parts :

  • Theoretical learning through lessons and 3D exploration of the GE Equipment, of their structures and functions.

This theoretical knowledge is then evaluated via a quiz.

  • Realistic work setting (hands-on), where the learner can move in the parts of the ship related to the GE systems, and can interact with the equipment, interfaces and tools necessary to the completion of learning paths crafted by GE experts.

This setting presents a selection of scenarios that are fundamental to understanding the operation of the ship, the processing of diagnostics and the maintenance of GE equipment. The goal is to acquire skills for basic and emergency operations, diagnostic tools, and safety procedures for maintenance.

The learner is assessed depending on the correct follow-up of the procedures, and will be graded according to their efficiency, their consideration of human and material safety.

This training software, designed towards the technical team learners, is accompanied by application for their trainer. A back-office allows user management and customization of their learning experience, using a standard course (GE) or a personalized course. It also offers the possibility of following the learners progress in realtime.




Unity, Node.js, LRS