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The Children's Forest

The Children’s forest is a participatory social project aimed at preserving biodiversity and valuing urban green spaces. It’s first and foremost a physical event where for each birth in Dijon M├ętropole (an administrative association of Dijon and some of its neighbouring cities and towns), the child’s family is invited to plant a tree to celebrate.

In 2020, during the covid-2 health crisis, Dijon M├ętropole wanted to launch a digital event. Similar to a Tamagotchi , the serious game allows the child to pick a species of tree that can bear fruits, plant it, take care of it for 3 days to make sure sure its going to grow in the best conditions then harvest its fruits. The species are local and the grounds you can plant on are also regionally coherent (vineyard, plateaus, forest).

Every day, three actions must be taken by the player, watch out for deers and capricious weather !

Design and development for AMT agency.