Ensemble Enquêtons !

Thanks to Direction départementale du Doubs and Saône-et-Loire expertises and ours, we had the opportunity to conceive Ensemble Enquêtons ! a new suitable for all serious game to raise public awareness and communicate more about road safety.

The player is then immersed into multiple realistic accident scenes in the shoes of an investigator. Through the 3D environments and point'n'click, many clues will show him the way to conclude there isn't only one reason to cause an accident. Few traps along the way are there to mislead the player. To intensify the pedagogy, each found objects are linked to an educational information displayed in an information bubble.

To make this game, we used PlayCanvas Editor, very closed to Unity, but much more optimized for the web. Therefore, each sector of activities, developers, game designer and artists could work simultaneously on the same tool online to build levels and scenes.

Learn more about this project and our work process into our blog.


Browsers (including mobile)


PlayCanvas, WebGL