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Immersive educational experience of the ENIL network

ENILIA of Surgères and ENILBIO of Poligny, 2 national dairy industry schools (ENIL), members of the ENIL network, have created an immersive 360° video experience enabling their learners to discover 2 agri-food production sites: a drying tower and a dairy comprising various workshops for transforming milk into dairy products.

A voice-over guides learners through their visit, and the web interface enables them to trigger the display of texts, photos and videos needed to learn the best practices to follow when working on a food production site. These points of interest are grouped into 5 themes that the learner can choose whether or not to display during the immersive experience:

  • equipment.
  • hygiene.
  • safety.
  • environment.
  • trades via interviews.

The virtual tour was developed using the Krpano framework. Accessible from a web browser, to guarantee wide distribution, the virtual tour also had to be available for presentation at trade fairs without an Internet connection. We therefore provided the customer with an offline version that can be used directly from an .exe via the Electron framework. Finally, for total immersion, the virtual tour can be taken in virtual reality directly from the Oculus Quest browser!


Browsers including Oculus Quest and .exe


Krpano and Electron