Aimed at parents of children with asthma aged 1 to 5, Effic'Asthme (iOS and Android app) allows them to safely train to manage an asthma attack at home. During each scenario, based on situations adapted to the characteristics of each child (weight, age, treatments), the parent must recognize the symptoms of the crisis, use the drugs he has at his disposal, respecting the technique of administration check whether or not the treatments he has administered, and decide whether to seek a doctor or not. An assessment is then proposed, as well as a dynamic correction module to guide it in its choices.

Made for the french University Paris Descartes and the health simulation department iLumens, the app was designed by DOWiNO. At Da Viking Code we coded the whole application: from the simulator to the scenario manager without forgotten the debriefing. You can read more on the development process on our blog.


iOS & Android


Unity 3D