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Construction City

Construction City, a quiz game to explore and discover careers and jobs in construction. To learn everything you need to know about the jobs in construction, take the quizzes. Up for the challenge? All the jobs involved in construction will no longer be a secret to you!

The CCCA-BTP via their site La Construction entrusted the Parties Prenantes agency with the creation of a serious game to discover the jobs surrounding construction work. From a map presenting how and where different professions are going to step in, the player is able to discover various levels of jobs and careers involved through a quiz system. Sheets summarizing every job are accessible at any time.

Our mission here was to develop the serious game using the Pixi.js library. Pixi.js is based on WebGL technology to get the benefits of hardware accelerated graphics (animations,effects), and is mainly used for video games.


Browser (desktop and mobile)


Pixi.js, WebGL