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Officer's chamber

This virtual reality experience at the citadel of Besançon, offers to discover the 3D room of an officer presenting to the public the different living conditions within the Citadel, according to his social level. Thanks to the different viewpoints and numerous points of interest, the visitor learns many details about the life of an officer.

Each object was modeled for the occasion by the company Héritage Virtuel. Thanks to very precise sources and demanding scientific advice, the atmosphere is at the rendezvous. The application starts with a sketch, one can observe an exchange (animated in 3D) between an officer and his valet, to immerse oneself further in this time period.

The development was done with the Unity software for the Pico G2 4K virtual reality headset. This offers a kiosk mode, so the headset is locked, at startup and in use, to this application.


Pico G2 4K