Attention où est la marche

Unfortunately, accidents at work are legion, each company aiming to prevent them. They can be specific to the workplace or tools (ie: construction sites, industrial machinery), or can be common incidents or injuries regardless (ie: long term injuries due to posture, sever burning incident at lunch…).

In order to raise awareness among its employees, Enedis wanted to create a serious game for its employees in which they will have to identify the risks on the ground floor in these different environments: office, parking, locker rooms, warehouse or even construction site. The risks are of different natures: puddle of water on the ground, frozen pavement, or the carrying of heavy loads.

Initially planned for virtual reality headsets, the COVID-19 crisis prevented the successful completion of these actions. We have therefore adapted the scenario for an export on a PC directly (without VR headset) as well as a Web export for integration into the Enedis E-Learning system with the support of the SCORM format required by their LRS.

Programming was made with Unity and the VIVE Input Utility framework. For character modeling we used UMA library.


PC, HTC Vive & Focus, Oculus Quest & Go, WebGL


Unity, VIVE Input Utility, UMA, SCORM