Augmented & Virtual Reality

Described as a stillborn project, virtual reality has finally found its way. In addition to the cinema or the video games, virtual reality became major in the learning area. VR doesn’t allow to be precise enough to check a skill but thanks to it a realistic simulation can be set up to train collaborators or to make discover tools or products from a marketing perspective. If it is combined with the mechanics of serious games, it can become a great combo ! We offer developments for the different kinds of headsets: HTC Vive & Oculus with their various range.

Augmented reality is likely to be a real revolution for society either indivually or profesionnally. As white-label product, we developped applications that use smartglasses systems (such as Microsoft HoloLens®) for product presentations or on-site assistance. We also offer augmented reality for mobile devices via ARKit, ARCore and Vuforia frameworks for games or utility softwares.