YOUFIGHT – meet integrated reality!

YOUFIGHT is a 2D fighting game featuring local and online matches and using integrated reality! Be ready to be inside a game!

This project has been in development since one year, and I worked exclusively on it since I joined Da Viking Code. What a pleasure to see the progress made so far!

Wanna learn more about the tech!?
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A Blind Legend Desktop : Standalone and Steam

Hello everyone ! So this blog post will cover what we did to create the desktop version of A Blind Legend and its release to the Steam store.
You can access the store page here and maybe try out the game in its desktop version !

If you are not familiar with the game, it was intended for mobile devices first and we covered its development in this previous blog article that you might want to take a look at first.

Due to the license agreements when you sign up to be a Steam/Steamworks developer, we cannot specifically talk about the publishing process itself. Nonetheless we can share our impressions and what was specific to this project !

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